CAMO WRIST WRAPS (Green Camo) - ملحقات رياضية

CAMO WRIST WRAPS (Green Camo) - ملحقات رياضية

  • 9.500 KD

Made specifically for

Designed to be tight and strong, the 13 inch long Camo Wrist Wraps are made with Velcro for easy adjustment.

They feature a thumb loop to help quickly fasten the wrap.

Most athletes use the thump loop to fasten wrap when wrapping, then remove the thumb loop during use.

The wrist wraps are embossed with a Better bodies logo rubber badge.

Built to Meet the Demands of the Better Bodies Lifestyle

Tight and strong composition for good support

Stable Velcro closing

Elastic thumb loop for quick fastening

Embossed Better Bodies logo rubber badge

Hand wash

Rinse immediately

Air dry

Designed for

Gym training

Quality:80 % cotton, 20 % elastane

Fit:Adjustable – one size

Sizes: cm 33, inch 13

130352-673 (Green Camo)