FITNESS HOTPANT (Bright Orange) - ملابس رياضية

FITNESS HOTPANT (Bright Orange) - ملابس رياضية

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Fitness Hotpant is especially developed for gym and fitness – not the masses! It’s a low cut hot pant made out of a comfortable polyamide and elastane mix. The fabric offers a good elasticity with a firm fit that contributes to a great look on an athletic physique. It features a soft waistband with classic Better Bodies prints.

Hot pant for dedicated athletes

Designed for gym and fitness

Flexible material with a firm fit

Soft and comfortable waistband with Better Bodies prints

Material: 91% polyamide and 9% elastane

Fit: Tight

Sizes: S–L

110711-673 (Green Camo Print)

110711-944 (Grey Camo Print)

110711-240 (Bright Orange)

110711-522 (Aqua Blue)

110711-999 (Black)

110711-538 (Blue Camo)

110711-462 (Hot Pink)

110711-382 (Scarlet Red)