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Sweet Sweat


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 Sweet Sweat Jar greatly enhances and accelerates circulation and vasodilation during exercise.


Sweet Sweat greatly enhances and accelerates the sweating process during vigorous exercise. It takes energy to sweat, more energy than most people might think. And like all energy consuming processes, SWEATING BURNS CALORIES. A lot of us have difficulty breaking a good sweat on our problem areas (the stomach for men, the upper thighs and waist for women). Sweet Sweat will cause an additional increase in circulation to these areas promoting a "good sweat."

Sweet Sweat may be used as often as you like, preferably with every workout, as there are no harmful side effects from use. In addition Sweet Sweat's clean, fresh scent which will take away the fear of feeling offensive during and after a heavy workout.



Targets "Slow To Respond" Problem Areas

Substantially Improves Circulation and Sweating

Accelerates the Thermogenic Effect During Your Workout

Enhances Muscle Activity While Fighting Muscle Fatigue

Stimulates Your Sweat Glands to Release Built up Toxins

Fights Painful Injuries Such as Shin Splints, Pulls, and Strains


023249000099 - SWEET SWEAT STICK (6.4 oz)

023249000013 - SWEET SWEAT JAR (6.5 oz)

023249000075 - SWEET SWEAT XL JAR (13.5 oz)

023249010050 - SWEET SWEAT XL JAR (13.5 oz) Coconut


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