TRIBECA BEANIE (Neon Yellow) - ملحقات رياضية

TRIBECA BEANIE (Neon Yellow) - ملحقات رياضية

  • 5.250 KD

Stay warm and look good. A classic beanie designed in six of Better Bodies most popular colorways. The Tribeca Beanie is exactly what you need to tie it all together. Put the beanie on and you are ready for your Better Bodies lifestyle.

Fit: One size


- Black & Wash green: 94% cotton, 3% cashmere, 3% wool

- Bright Red, Peach & Yellow: 50% wool, 50% polyamide

- Neon: 100% acrylic

Features: Soft touch, folded bottom, logo on front

130397-122 (Neon Yellow)

130397-141 (Yellow)

130397-351 (Bright Red)

130397-417 (Peach)

130397-676 (Dark Green Camo)

130397-999 (Black)