UTILITY RIB T-BACK (Green Camo Print) - ملابس رياضية

UTILITY RIB T-BACK (Green Camo Print) - ملابس رياضية

  • 10.000 KD
  • Save 6.750 KD

This T-back is really cool, with it´s heavy wash and vintage treatments! Fabric is awesome and very flexible. Worn-out badge in front and a print in back. One thing is for sure, this is a state of the art product!


This garment is dyed, washed and treated with attitude! Not all garments are created equal; every garment is treated by hand, has a unique look and may change after wash! Colors and wash effects will be different from garment to garment and not necessarily identical with the product images!

Quality: 95% cotton, 5% Lycra

Size: S-XL

220584-664 (Washed Green)

220584-673 (Green Camo Print)

220584-944 (Grey Camo Print)

220584-961 (Washed Grey)

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