V-NECK CUT RIB TANK (Wash Grey) - ملابس رياضية

V-NECK CUT RIB TANK (Wash Grey) - ملابس رياضية

  • 11.500 KD
  • Save 7.750 KD

Regardless if you feel like wearing the army look, sexy look or just some attitude, this tank is really cool! The 2x2 cotton rib supported by lycra makes a perfect and comfortable fit with an edgy V-look! If you like to create your own "hot couture" design, - cut it off and make a sexy short top! Vintage treatment, heavy garment wash and prints at front and back. One thing is for sure, this is a state of the art product! IMPORTANT INFO! This garment is dyed, washed and treated with attitude! Not all garments are created equal; every garment is treated by hand, has a unique look and may change after wash! Colors and wash effects will be different from garment to garment and not necessarily identical with the product images!

Quality: 95% cotton, 5% Lycra

Size: S-L

110668-673 (Green Camo Print)

110668-944 (Grey Camo Print)

110668-961 (Wash Grey)

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