Why IT solutions can explain the success of PrimeGears



PrimeGEARS was founded successfully in 2009 and now has 8 stores across Kuwait providing premium European brands in apparel and accessories for bodybuilding and fitness. The strategy of implementation is an important element of the success of PrimeGears, but this is not the only one.

Indeed since the start, the retail chain has each one of its stores equipped with the latest IT solutions. For managing the point of sale and providing the most accurate information to the customers, PrimeGears trusted the solutions offered by Vend©, which is one of the leading companies specialized in cloud-based retail management platform. 

Thanks to this innovative solution, each person of the staff from the management to the sales team is able to see in live the level of stock for the range of products, to get enough information for all sporting clothes and accessories, to access the loyalty program for each client. Moreover, it facilitates the share of information between the staff and decisions' taking. 


In order to deliver feedback on such relevant experience, PrimeGears was Interviewed by Vend© in the section "Vendor of the Week. For reading the complete article, just click here.