About PrimeGears

A bodybuilding and fitness retail chain since 2009

PrimeGEARS.com is a retail chain brand founded in 2009 by Prime United Company LLC. With GASP©, BetterBodies©, Ogio© or Drymax Socks© exclusivity rights, PrimeGears.com provides its customers with the world leading brands in sporting apparels, nutrional supplements, all products needed and appreciated by bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts.

PrimeGEARS.com has been successful to be the only authorized retailer to sell high-end sporting goods in Kuwait's most premiere health clubs (Oxygen and Platinum Health Clubs).

In 2013, PrimeGEARS.com had 6 stores and 5 booths in Kuwait.



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Official reseller of GASP© brand

Gasp© is one of the most famous high-end brands in the bodybuilding and fitness world. The range of products covered by this brand is very complete: it goes from tank, tee, trainings or jackets as apparel items, to shaker, belts, or bags as accessories gears. 

Since its, PrimeGEARS.com sells Gasp© items because of its wish to provide premium gears to bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts. Indeed at PrimeGears.com, we believe that the quality of the products has a direct impact on the performance of the workouts.

One more interesting thing with Gasp©: you can find both apparel and accessories for the gym and outside. Indeed there are some casual items, like jeans or long-sleeves tees specially designed for lifestyle and daily use. Conceived with no compromises, offering a great vintage look and treated by hand, they offer a unique and individual look. With Gasp©, adopt the hardcore attitude!


Exclusive reseller of BETTER BODIES© products

Better Bodies© is also one of the most famous high-end brands in the bodybuilding and fitness world. This premium European brand offers apparel and accessories as well, for both men and women. Whatever you look for a tank, a tee, trainings or jackets, or accessories such as shaker, belts, cap or gloves, you will find the right gear for the hardest workouts. 

The material used for each product plus the existence of the brand since the 80's are real strengths for meeting the requirements of athletes all around the world in terms of comfort and performance.  



Official reseller of OGIO© bags

Ogio© is well-known brand providing high-quality bags for going to the gym, for outdoor activities or travels. The style of the bags are unique and they are conceived with an innovative design and use the best materials resisting to any weather condition or even water.

The items for the gym are "smart" bags: you have several compartments for transporting your gears, ventilated compartment for the shoes and for supplements. Practical and durable, the Ogio© bags are a must for every athlete!